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All done!

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Work in progress. This model is pretty high quality to begin with, so I’m gonna try to make this render CGI-like as much as I can haha.

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Steven Ogg on Being a Father and Violence in Video Games:

"I’m just a fan of the idea of parenting and communicating. I don’t think it’s a cause of anything - it’s a video game, it’s a movie, it’s a TV show. That to me is… psh." [x]

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All done!

Dynasty Warriors 8 Zhenji (DLC Costume)

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Work in progress.

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Sup, folks! It’s been a long while since I last post any render (I’m suprised I still remember how to do it tho i certainly have forgotten certain things…)

Anyway, here’s a render of football Rachel. Hope it looks okay.

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate
Rachel (Sports DLC)
Game: Tecmo/TeamNinja

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I’ve currently become very addicted to Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. Best MMORPG I’ve played in a very long while! Worth every penny for the subs. There are tons of fun quests, missions, instances and things to collect. This game well mends the disappointment I had with the shite that is Final Fantasy XIII (ugh). It’s probably the only Final Fantasy game to feel like Final Fantasy out there at the moment… I think? That classic victory jingle when you level up, that job system… it sure feels like home (for those who’ve played fair share of FF games in the past).

The world of Eorzea is also a sight to behold, and fun to explore. It looks and feel similar to Ivalice, which I like. Just got my chocobo mount as seen in the screenshot above, which makes travelling around much more convenient.

If you’re playing, hope to see you in-game! :)

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A collaboration work i did with friend, MisterHentaiCharacters from TERA resboing with each other.

I tried this game last time, it was amazing for an MMO. Beautiful graphics, and nice real-time combat (I’m getting tired of turn-based battle too these days). Unfortunately, just for a while as I get IP blocked later on because the game wasn’t available for my region… 

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Damnit, reviews!

I swear, game reviewers are getting more and more stupid these days.

I saw this review, of the game Company of Heroes 2 (which I highly anticipated) and this idiot spent 80% of the review talking about how shitty he feel the story in the game is. 


You’re a game reviewer, not a movie journalist! Review the fucking game, not the story! Tell us about the game mechanics! Is it balanced? Does it works like the developer promised us? Are there any bugs that hinder gameplay? These are the example of things I feel they should focus about. 

Not the game story. That shit is subjective! Some people may enjoy certain story, some may not. Either way its up to the players to have their own opinion of it. Some people like coffee, some people like tea! And so the world goes. Just because one person doesn’t like the story, wont mean that everyone will, too.

Now gameplay wise, if its broken all of us who bought or play the game are fucked. This is what they should be doing. Tell their audience if the game is worth their time and money or not! If the finished product is a work of quality, or isn’t!

/end rant

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